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hi, i'm nicole.

i am a professional photographer living in london, ontario, canada.

over the years i've been privileged to photograph for clients such as; the nhl, agence france-presse, the canadian press, the toronto star, the city of london, the university of western ontario, london police services, london fire services, quantum verdi and marsh canada limited. i've had my images published in books, printed internationally in newspapers and appear on various websites. i've been very fortunate to photograph so many unique moments and i'm extremely grateful for each accomplishment thus far.

i earned a photography diploma from fanshawe college in 2009 and an advanced commercial photography certificate the following year. after completing school i quickly began working for a local sports photography company (which i still shoot for today). i also started my own photography business; neo image creations which allowed me to expand my photography skills and advance my style.

at the beginning of 2019, one of my best friend's asked me if i could photograph anything, what would it be? my answer.. urban landscapes! that's when no collective began as an extension of neo image creations. no collective is an assemblage of images featuring black and white urban landscapes named by the coordinates in which they were photographed. framed fine art prints are available online by ordering through the shop


photography is such an important

part of my life. it provides an outlet for self expression, it pushes my comfort zones and allows me to share. as humans, we seek true belonging and i understand it takes a certain kind of bravery to be oneself. i strive to design a comfortable environment in hopes of sharing authenticity through imagery and create art that you can only be proud of.

whatever photographic ideas you have, please reach out, i'd love to hear from you!